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Hello? Are you still there?

I know I've said it before, but I truly mean it. I miss you when I'm not here! After nearly a month's hiatus from the blog, I'm back to chat with you about what's crossing my path day in and day out in the food world. When I first began this blog more than one year ago, I wanted to document my journey through culinary school and into the world of food writing. Now that school is finished, I'm finding more and more items that I want to share my thoughts with you on. Whether it's the most recent kitchen tool I've purchased, most interesting industry news that I've read, or just the simple pleasures of what's getting my attention in the culinary world these days, I'm happy to be back in front of my laptop with you again.

There always seems to be something that brings me back to life. One of the big things that draws me to the culinary world is the fancy schmancy stuff. Yes, I'm a sucker for the over-the-top, for the hoity toity, stylized plates, extensive lists of fine wines and evenings that require getting dressed up for. I will admit, I get tired of the casual, and find that even in my home city with its burgeoning culinary scene, there is still much more casual nightlife than I'd like. Give me glitz and glamour any day. I don't think we see it enough.

It seems fitting, then, that the latest thing to catch my eye and pull me back to my PC to share the news was something I came across catching up on food blogs via my iPhone last night in bed. You see, I couldn't sleep so I thought it afforded me the perfect opportunity to peak in on some of my favorite food bloggers and see what everyone's talking about.

My first stop was at Orangette. Oh Miss Molly. Her blog is one of the first I absolutely fell in love with when I started exploring the world of food bloggers. Her writing voice is just heavenly and her life has turned into a dream. After shifting gears in her life from graduate studies to working her way into the food writing world, Molly began food blogging in 2004. Just this year she was discovered by Bon App├ętit magazine and now has a regularly featured column in the publication. In catching up on her latest post, she mentions she is now off to France for her first travel writing assignment for the pub. Now I am not a jealous person mainly because I think I'm living a fabulous life myself, but I must admit a bit of jealousy with this one. She has worked so hard and I couldn't be happier for her success. And yes, I know, someday I too will be leaving on a jet plane to write about the wonders of France...or Italy...or Greece...or, well, you get the point. Bon Voyage, Molly, and have fun with your new adventures. I can't wait to read all about them when you return.

My next stop was another favorite, Mr. Michael Ruhlman. I think I have a secret crush on Michael Ruhlman, which is slightly off topic, but I just thought I'd throw it in there and get it out in the open. Michael, if you're ever in Portland let's do lunch...or dinner...or simply make a private meal in my condo. Just us. I'm kidding, Donna! Much do respect to you and I absolutely love your photos! Speaking of photos, that is exactly what caught my eye with Michael's post. Ruhlman announced yesterday the upcoming Alinea, the cookbook.

Alinea is a highly anticipated, highly stylized cookbook from the famed Alinea restaurant in Chicago. The photos in the images Ruhlman provided look delicious. And please check out the link to the restaurant. The imagery and photography of its menu items is absolutely sick; in the most delectable way. Oh it's these kinds of plates and these types of photos that get me so excited about food. Fancify, I'll never get tired of dressed up crudites or glamourized hearts of palm. The fact that so much energy goes in to presentation is what makes it so exciting. Go on, check out the site and enjoy the eye candy.

Thank you Michael and Molly and all the other food bloggers out there with the endless supply of delectable adventures with food along with mouthwatering photography. I don't think I'll ever get enough of it.


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