Always a Love for MC

For the last few nights I've been prepping for a garage sale at my condo. It's a community garage sale and the only sale I've participated in in my life. I'm not a garage-saler, but I hear there is quite a cult of those who live for these things and, well, I've got some stuff that's gotta go!

So after a long week of planning with a neighbor and getting all of my items ready, I finally called it quits on the prep tonight. After closing up the garage and heading back in, I decided it was time for a treat. I try and make a habit of not indulging in sweets often, but I've always got a little something around for those times when I need a little extra decadence in my life.

My recent favorite is the Villars Swiss Milk Chocolate bar with Whole Hazelnuts! I discovered it on one of my most recent trips to Trader Joe's and it's just a perfect bit of heaven when the time calls.

Now I know dark chocolate has garnered most of the spotlight these days it seems, but I truly believe there are more than a few of us who make up a group of dedicated followers in the universe of milk chocolate. Sure, dark chocolate may have its health benefits, but when it comes to a true treat of smooth, rich and yummy moments, milk chocolate will always be #1 for me. And I will admit that my palate has matured to the point of knowing the difference between the chocolate I grew up on (sorry "H") and the experiential taste of European chocolate; there's nothing like it.

Next time you're craving something sweet and rich or need a special treat to finish off your day, try a Villars and let me know what you think!



Shana said...

I have seen this chcolate at TJ's. Thanks for the reminder that I wanted to try it out.

I will let you know what I think. :)


Sheila Saltmarsh said...

Sounds like I must try this....Oh, how I love chocolate!

Jennifer said...

It is one not to miss! Thanks for your comments.

Alejandra said...

So true! I know girls are supposed to love the dark chocolate but it's the milk that really does it for me. This one sounds great! Will have to taste...

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