Pok Pok continues to bring the most authentic Thai flavors to Portland

Pok Pok owner Andy Ricker just won't slow down when it comes to delivering the most authentic flavors of Thailand to his faithful eaters in Portland. The latest inclusion to his menu are Kuaytio Reua noodles, also known as Boat Noodles. See below for the message from the chef himself on a bit of history about the noodles. And get over there and enjoy.

From chef Andy:
I am happy to announce that as of Tuesday, June 10th we will have Kuaytio Reua (otherwise known as Boat Noodles) on the lunch menu. Here is a brief description: Rice noodles in a dark rich broth with spices, herbs, stewed beef, poached flank, house made meat balls, water spinach, dry chilies and bean sprouts.

Traditionally sold from boats along the canals (khlongs) of Thailand. These noodles were the majority of the reason I recently spent a month in Thailand; they are one of the most popular noodle dishes in Thailand. They are sometimes made with pork, but the original one is beef. You can find both versions at restaurants parked on canals, and also at street stalls with small wooden boats parked outside, often with the vendor sitiing inside the boat preparing the noodles. They supposedly originated in Ayuthaya and the most famous versions come from there and from Rangsit in Bangkok. I love them, hope you will like them too. Ok, Best, Andy.

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