A Really Goode Fit

For the past two years you've followed me as I took you on a journey throughout my rigorous training in culinary school, as well as my adventures in exploring the culinary world around me.

Now the next step has come. I've officially applied to vie for the spot of the Murphy-Goode Social Media Correspondent at Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma, Calif. I couldn't be more excited as the job is an absolute perfect fit, and I know it's the right next step as I move along on my journey of writing about food...and wine!

Update 6/20: The videos have been updated on the Murphy-Goode site. You can view my video here: http://www.areallygoodejob.com/video-view.aspx?vid=ism0mz_Fino and cast your vote.

I look forward to taking you through the world of Murphy-Goode.


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