The Sights of Saturdays

Saturdays, by far, are my absolute favorite day of the week. Probably for most, it's the first official do-whatever-you-want day of the week. Mine tend to vary from getting up early for 8:00am Spinning class to just allowing myself a slow morning and letting the day take me wherever it decides I should go.

Today was the slow morning. No alarm set. Woke up when the body was ready. Made a nice cup of hot water with lemon. Gave the condo some needed attention, and then sat and pondered what the day would bring. We've been so lucky (in my opinion) to have some gorgeous sunshine gleaming down on the Rose City for a few weeks now, which lead me to believe that my day would take me on some adventure outside. And it did.

I will admit that I don't always get to my local farmers' markets as often as I should, but I have made it to a few over the past couple of weeks. I'm just not sure that there is anything else that can inspire a food lover like a visit to an amazing farmers' market. The sights of ultra-fresh, local produce and incredible eats never fail to leave my jaw nearly hitting my chest, and my eyes dancing at all there is to look at. Below are some snapshots I've taken from some visits to the Beaverton and Portland Farmers Markets over the past couple of weeks. Take a peak, and make a visit soon...before the sun goes down.

Could these be any more gorgeous?
Italian artichokes, grown in Tillamook. Beaverton FM.

And the baby Italian arties

Beets. I've had many roasted beet salads lately.
I need to buy to make roasted beets at home.
Beaverton FM.

Fresh basil. Beaverton FM.

Wild and crazy fresh garlic. Beaverton FM.

I think these are Mitrula mushrooms.
I failed to jot down the name.
Portland FM.

The most gorgeous tomatoes.
Honestly, people were just gawking at them and asking if they were real.
Boy were they a pretty penny, though.
Beaveton FM.

Always elegant hydrangea.
Lots of lovely florals available too.
Portland FM.



Jenni said...

Luv your photos!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Jen! The ol' iPhone ain't too bad. :)

Jemila Kwon said...

I love the way you describe the anticipation of the day and your intimacy with waking up to it in your own way!

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Jemila. I appreciate that.

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