Culinary Travels

When I think about exploring different parts of the U.S., or the world for that matter, I believe food can play such a huge part in the adventure. Come on, what's better than embarking on an unknown destination to not only see what's buzzing there day in and day out, but to also taste the area's food? It's one way to really understand different regions, cultures, and just people in general by what they eat, how they prepare it, and what foods are special to them.

The now defunct Gourmet magazine used to showcase a series called "Gourmet's Adventures with Ruth". It was a cooking show in which Gourmet's editor at the time, Ruth Reichl, would travel around the globe, often times with a chosen celebrity in tow, and really get deep into the food of that destination. The series is no longer running, but its episodes can still be found on YouTube (of course). Below is one of my favorites. I hope Ruth finds some way to bring it back. We do seem to have oodles of these types of shows on the Travel Channel and Food Network, but there is something about listening to Ruth actually speak her words vs. put them down on paper that, I think, make these so special: she's got a great voice for narration.

Does it inspire you to dive deep into the cuisine of a specific culture? Are you now thinking your next travel adventure will have a foodie twist?

Happy travels and exploration!


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