Rolling Hills and Wine

The other day I alerted my Facebook friends to the fact that there is no need to ever fear that we'll ever run out of land in this country. My drive from Ashland, Oregon to Bakersfield, California, as well as from Bakersfield to Peoria, Arizona proved my statement true. A myriad of rolling blond hills and flat, wide open spaces are what tend to greet me the most on my journey so far.

Coming from a land of amazing vineyards just outside of Portland, I found it funny, then, to spot random fields of vineyards along the way.
I was warned and most were right; the roads are flat and long, but I'm also joined by an enormous sense of freedom. I love freedom and it doesn't get more free than an open highway. 

But I definitely admit, big, familiar signs like TARGET, HOME DEPOT and even Starbucks are welcome sites for my tired eyes, and it's funny that those names translate into civilization for me. My road-trip buddy, Bart Roadie, and I try to limit stops, but from Bakersfield to Peoria, a stop at the Desert Palm Outlets was a must, and a pick-me-up was most definitely on the menu. 
Bart as we guessed he cold be a Bartlett pear. If I remember correctly, he was a gift from the Pear Bureau NW. He makes a fabulous travel companion. 

Thanks to Shelley and Tom at Hotel Hobbs for the most amazing homemade fish tacos at Hotel Hobbs last night. No, I didn't get any shots of them, my iPhone battery was dead upon arrival to my luxurious stay. 

More eastbound today as I head out of Arizona and deep into the heart of....


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