Book Review: Cooking for Mr. Latte

Embarking on the adventure of a new relationship can be exciting, scary, tummy twisting and heart thumping. Pair that with a passion for culinary adventures and a professional life dedicated to the romance of food, and you've got a foodie swaying in the joys of a new love + delectable eats.

In Cooking for Mr. Latte, Amanda Hesser (food writer for The New York Times) takes readers on a personal journey of her courtship with Tad Friend, a writer as well. Amanda's inner-voice call for refinement of her dining companion's food sense on their first date to Tad's impressive home-cooked meal for Amanda are just the beginning of a journey of good food, deep relationships with family and friends and the joys of sharing with the one you love.

And as any good culinary temptress would know, what's on one's plate plays an enormous part in the mood and memories that make the story, and so the author includes key recipes at the end of every chapter; totalling over 100 recipes with a recipe index at the back of the book! Some that stood out include: Almond Cake, from Amanda's soon-to-be mother-in-law, Elizabeth; Rigatoni with White Bolognese, from a dear friend, Heidi; and what she calls the 'baking project for two' Poached Peach and Almond Tart, a recipe adapted from Cook's Illustrated and one that Amanda cooks with Elizabeth.

It was an enjoyable read to come along for the ride as the beau was integrated into the family and friendships and vice versa as Amanda was shipped off to weekend getaways with Tad's family. Though there were times throughout the book that seemed to take away from the relationship and focus more on the family and friendships, and even some of Amanda's solo travel, but that showcased Amanda's openness to invite even further personal relationships into the story. And speaking of solo, Chapter 6, 'The Art of Dining Alone', was brilliant.

A fun read for anyone who loves falling in love; with courting and culinary adventures in tow.



Amanda said...

Glad you enjoyed my book -- thanks for your post!

Jennifer said...

It was definitely a fun read. Thanks for sharing the adventure, and thanks for your comment!

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