A La Cuisine!

So tonight begins the true test, shall we say? Our last three weeks at the school, my 13 classmates and I will test what we've learned over the past six months in the school's open-to-the-public fine dining restaurant, Restaurant Bleu.

No instructors, no books of recipes to peak at, just us students, our knife rolls, and perfectly pressed whites.

The restaurant is open to the public Tuesday through Friday for 5-course lunch and dinner service. If you come in and try it, let me know what you think!



Anonymous said...

How is it at the restaurant?

Sheila Saltmarsh said...

Hey, it's me. I can't sign in like I used to, so I accidentally clicked anonymous. She

Jennifer said...

The restaurant calls for long days. I've actually missed the last two days; I've been sick. Tomorrow is the last night so I'm hoping to rest up tonight to have a great last night with the class. I will miss them so much!

Tomorrow is our last night at the school. We then have Christmas break and then go on our externships out into the real world, then we're done. So we won't come back to class together. Some people are moving away and some may not come back for the graduation ceremony so it's a bit bitter-sweet; we're ready to be done, but will miss each other's company.

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