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Ok, I'm not the only one to recently tout 23Hoyt. The restaurant just received an accolade for one of the Best New Restaurants in 2007 by Esquire. And, to celebrate its' one-year anniversary, they are hosting an open house/happy hour this Saturday, October 20th. I plan on going. Maybe I'll see you there! ~JF

Esquire names 23Hoyt one of America's Best New Restaurants

"23Hoyt shares a kind of neighborhood charm with a new breed of sophisticated corner bistros, like the Spotted Pig in New York and Herbsaint in New Orleans."
-John Mariani, Esquire

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23Hoyt Turns One! Saturday, October 20, 4-6 pm
To celebrate our one year anniversary and all the delights fall has to offer, we are having a happy hour open house. If you are in the neighborhood next Saturday, October 20, from 4 - 6 pm please stop by and sample items from our happy hour menu and our house specialty drinks.

23Hoyt Restaurant & Bar
529 NW Twenty-third at Hoyt
Portland, Oregon

For Reservations call 503 445 7400 or Reserve Online!
And, don't forget, 23Hoyt offers Free Valet!

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eviedee said...

I visited 23Hoyt when I was last in Portland. WONDERFUL food, we actually ended up there expecting to dine at the short lived "Balvo" and were pleasantly surprised. Wishing that LA to Portland was not such a dreadfully long drive! :)

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