The Fastest Three Weeks

I'm shocked at how quickly time is flying. Tomorrow is already our last day of Meat & Seafood Identification and Fabrication. I've grown from a timid squid dismantler to a cutting queen who can slice and dice up shoulder clod, tunnel bone a leg and thigh of a chicken, truss a pounded out piece of tenderloin, and grind and case my own sausage. I can't believe tomorrow is the final and I will admit I'm a bit nervous for it. We've covered so much. Maybe I'll have a culinaria dream tonight to help with reviewing it all.

Meat & Seafood final: what to know:
  • Know the process and definition of Inspection.
  • Know the definition of Quality Grade.
  • Know what Yield Grade is.
  • What is the name of the overfeeding process of ducks that is used to make Foie Gras?
  • Know rib separations for beef and lamb.
  • What primal are pork back ribs a fabrication of?
  • Know the different classifications of all birds (sex, size, age, etc.).
  • Be able to identify feathered game birds.
  • Know the different types of fish - round, flat, lean, fatty.
  • Know, in detail, the five different types of crab.
  • Know beef, lamb and pork charts that identify loins from chucks, foresaddles from hindsaddles, and everything in between.
  • Know the different types of grades in which meat can be purchased.
  • Identify all types of meat cuts.
  • What does the acronym NAMPS stand for?
  • Know meat grinder equipment parts.
  • Know the size and how many ounces you can get out of a hotel pan, a third pan, and a ninth pan.
  • Out of the 100 parts of seafood, meat and poultry we've viewed over the past week, 12 will be on the exam for you to identify.
  • And while you're at it, make sure you know every piece of equipment in the entire classroom.
  • And review all past quizzes and homework. Just about every question from those will be on the exam!

Thank God for Friday late-night happy hour!

Cheers, ~JF

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