Did You Know...?

That at sea level, water's maximum boiling temperature is 212 degrees F? And no matter how high the burner is turned up, the liquid temperature will not go any higher that 212 degrees at that altitude.

That meat is 75% water?

That there is a restaurant in Portland that serves a Kobe beef hamburger for $28? (I love real restaurant burgers and I must find it!)

That salt is arguably the most important seasoning for sauces? And that lemon juice is the second most important? And cayenne and white pepper come in third and forth.

That in English, Liaison means communication and cooperation, or a sexual relationship? But in French, Liaison means a thickening agent made mostly of eggs and cream?

That fiber cannot be digested?

That salt is one of the best things for you? (Ok, maybe it's not, but I honestly believe that if we all put are heads together and believe faithfully that it is good for us, it will be! Come on! Let's hear it for SALT!)

What else?


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Cheryl said...

Hi Jennifer,

You recently commented on my first blog post, so I thought I would return the favour.

I am so impressed that you are going to culinary school. I am also taking con ed courses at a culinary school, but would LOVE to do it full time. Thus far I have taken catering cuisine and have just had confirmation that I am in on the baking course which starts next month.

Good luck to you and, once again, thank you for your words of inspiration.

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