Curious: adj. eager to learn or know something

As I embark on the exploration of the culinary world there is a myriad of topics my curiosity is dying to dig deep to find the answers to. For example; Exactly how many varieties of salt are there in the world? Which type of salt do you use for what dish? What is the difference between a $6.99 bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Italy and a $37.00 bottle of extra virgin olive oil...yes, also from Italy? How many different types of mushrooms are there? How did the early discoverers know which types of mushrooms were poisonous and which ones weren't? Was it a game of mushroom Russian roulette or is there a way to tell just by inspecting them?

These questions and many more to soon be answered. I'm just so curious. Are you?


Kelli Matthews said...

Not only curious, but thankful we have a friend who is going to figure out what's what and let us in on the secrets. :) Good luck!

Psyche said...

You write very well.

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